Created by Mandy Sutcliffe, Belle & Boo is cherished throughout the world for its, charming, nostalgic story-book illustration that will leave you wishing you were a child again. Mandy loves to draw children, capturing all their fun, creativity, innocence and beauty. Mandy’s art perfectly captures those simple but precious moments in time that are otherwise lost amongst our childhood memories. Taking inspiration from the books she read as a child, Mandy has created a new universe for this generation of curious children to explore. Mandy's drawings inspire a collection of precious unique gifts, everything from art prints and wall décor through to picture books, stationery and homewares. Along the way, you will discover two of Mandy’s favourite characters, a little girl called Belle and her rabbit companion Boo.

If you are looking for inspiration for a memorable children’s or charming baby gift, look no further - Belle & Boo is the perfect gift to give a little girl from newborn to 8 years and little boys up to the age of 5. There are precious keepsakes and art prints that would make a unique new born gift, christening gift, baby shower gifts or just an imaginative gift to celebrate of those precious early years. So why not bring the whimsical world of Belle & Boo to the heart of your family. What could be better than baking a cake, or sharing a meal with your little ones. Explore vintage inspired children’s melamine and cutlery sets as well as illustrated children’s cups, bowls and biscuit cutters. But, make sure your child is prepared to get messy by choosing from our range of wipe clean aprons suitable for 2 – 4 years. Wear them at the kitchen table or to stay clean whilst painting and having fun. If they are off to a picnic or want to take a snack to nursery, then pop all their yummy treats in one of our tin lunchboxes or tea time lunch bags.

Introduce your child to this inquisitive pair and watch a friendship blossom and grow. There are five picture books in the range as well as some fun activity books especially for creative little girls. There is also a Boo bunny rabbit plush ready to find a best friend and start an adventure. But before they head off, find the perfect accessory to finish their outfit. Perhaps it’s a lovely colorful hair bow; a high-quality canvas book bag or a laser etched wooden brooch. This special collection is designed to inspire and delight both at home and at school. Just before its time to say goodnight, it’s time for Soap and bubbles and splish and splosh, Boo and your little one can have a wash! A bath time range for you and your child, gentle on their skin and so beautifully packaged you won’t want to hide them away. So, join us in a world where everything is made with love, where moments together are precious and where imaginations still run free.

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