The story of Belle & Boo began with a moment of creativity, a huge amount of ambition and, of course, my pencil and sketch book. My passion has always been to draw children and capture those moments of fun and freedom that are the foundation for a happy childhood. This passion became my everyday pastime after setting up Belle & Boo with my co-founders Kate and Patrick Shafe.

As a parent of young children, I too am faced with the daily challenge of trying to give my children the freedom to grow, develop and indulge their imaginations, whilst competing with the digital age and a faster paced childhood than the one I remember. There are so many more things to do and places to go, giving them little time to just be or to let their imaginations run free. I only hope that our simple products can help create an environment in which our children can play freely, or at the very least remind us why this is so important.

Together, with a small team of incredibly talented people, we have created a timeless range of gifts for both parents and children to enjoy. Our products are made with love, care and attention using craftsmanship and quality materials that ensures the things we make are built to last.

You can read all about Belle and Boo’s adventures in the six Belle & Boo picture books. This inquisitive pair can also be found playing amongst the pages of the five Belle & Boo sticker activity books and their magical world has provided the inspiration for two adult craft books.

Along the way new friendships have been created, Ellis & Easy and The Little Dancers to name but a few and they can all be found across the Belle & Boo collection of homewares and accessories.

I love what I do, I hope you do too.

Fun Facts

My family

I have twin boys Sam and Ellis

Sam insists on wearing gorilla slippers, so I have had to put the adorable moccasins to one side for now!

My friend and colleague Kate and I have been friends for over 20 years. We started talking about the possibility of building Belle & Boo over a cup of tea in 2008.

Patrick joined Belle & Boo as Co-owner and Managing Director in 2010. Patrick and Kate are married and have two gorgeous girls called Robyn & May.

My childhood

I had a pet rabbit called chalky when I was a child and I used to take it for walks! I had the same hair style as Belle when I was little.

My work

Our art prints, wall stickers and lampshades are all hand finished in our studio our fabrics and stationery ranges are produced in the UK. One of my favourite places on earth is my desk, where ever that may be in the world, with a cup of tea listening to the Archers!


By Mandy


Kate is both co-founder and the marketing genius at Belle & Boo. Belle & Boo without Kate is like champagne without the bubbles! She is currently taking Spanish lessons...olé! Everyday she enjoys two boiled eggs for breakfast.


Patrick is Belle & Boo’s commercial director and with out a doubt is always the most smartly dressed person in the studio! When Patrick isn’t planning overseas commercial strategies he can be found on the squash court or improving his tennis.


Nichola manages the day to day finances of Belle & Boo; when we asked Nichola’s little girl what her mummy does at work, she replied “my mummy does maths all day!”. She loves a good novel and is a fan of psychological thrillers. Come rain or shine Nichola cycles to work everyday!


If we had to take a vote, everyone at Belle & Boo would choose Sarah as their favourite employee because she is simply sooo lovely! Sarah does a wonderful job looking after our Belle & Boo stockists. She ran the London marathon to raise money for Asthma UK - see we told you she was lovely!


By day Clare is Belle & Boo’s super graphic designer and by night she is a knitting goddess. Her favourite knit to date is an aran jumper that she made for her nephew, Teddy. Being Australian, Clare is very partial to a garden BBQ.


Suzie is a sculpture conservator so is a stickler for the finer details. She puts this to good use when printing, cutting and framing the Belle & Boo art prints. Suzie is currently training her very bemused cat Georgie to sit!


Alice is our print designer and resident lampshade maker. She loves markets of every variety, is a big home sewer and a lover of nature; Alice is learning how to become a bee keeper!

(A poem by the team!)

M- most 
A - amazingly talented &
N - nicest 
D - designer, illustrator & painter
Y - you will ever meet!