From the creators of Belle & Boo comes The Little Dancers!

'Showtime!' Is a story about five little children, brought together by their shared love of ballet and music.
See their self-confidence, creativity, friendship and joy of movement grow, as they work together towards a show.
With parts for all, everyone gets a chance to shine at the Butterfly Ball!

Meet the stars of our show....Jess, Ollie, Emma, Rosa and Cara


Look out world…here comes Jess! She always wants to be the star of the show. She’s never happier than when she’s in the spotlight. So she’ll stretch and bend and twirl all day long, trying her best to be perfect. When the applause comes at the end of the performance, Jess’ face lights up as she makes the most graceful curtsey ever.


Is it a bird, is it a plane or is it Superman? If Ollie’s dancing, it might be all of these. He can pretend his way into any role. Ollie can also jump nearly half his height and lift other dancers high over his head…he’s super strong! Best of all, Ollie knows how to make people laugh. He can even tease away tears.


Emma is everyone’s friend. She’s a really good dancer, too. Slipping? Sliding? Or just a little bit sloppy? Emma can help. She’s happy to take the time to adjust anyone’s arabesque. Maybe it’s because she’s the oldest in the group, but all the Little Dancers look to up to Emma. She’s confident and patient…the best kind of teacher.


Silks, satins, velvets and sequins…Cara can’t get enough of these. She loves everything about ballet, especially the glamor. That’s why she’s always volunteering to paint sets, sew costumes, and even design them. You can see Cara’s art in her dancing, too. Her body melts right into the music and makes it live and breathe.


Sweet little Rosa is everyone’s favorite. She’s the littlest of the Little Dancers and tries as hard as she can to keep up! But every now and then, you’ll see her hanging upside down from a barre, pretending to be a monkey. Or making monster in the mirror. Rosa can get lost in her own imagination, but she always finds her way back at the end of the day when she goes home to her beloved Grandma Gardini.

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