Who Are Belle and Boo?

Home Sweet Home

Belle and Boo are the best of friends.

They live in a small white cottage on top of a hill. In their garden is a huge oak tree and hidden amongst the leaves is their pretty painted tree house.
From here they can sit and....
        watch the seasons unfold,
                 make wishes on shooting stars,
                        and chat with the birds and squirrels.

Yummy Scrummy Outdoors

rabbit_1.pngBelle loves to climb trees, jump in muddy puddles, plant vegetables and help them grow.

Boo loves to dig under trees, splash Belle in muddy puddles and nibble on the vegetables that Belle grows.

Boo is very much led by his tummy, his favourite food is carrots, even better if they are in carrot cake!

Belle and Boo
Love Adventures

They are often found with a pair of binoculars, a hand drawn map and of course a huge picnic basket full of their favourite goodies. They are surrounded by woods and fields and a stream with a small pebble beach (Boo is very good at skimming stones). Their days are spent playing as knights and pirates, mermaid and fairies, riding woolly mammoths through snow storms & sliding down rainbows.

Creative & Crafty Delights

Belle loves to draw and paint, to glue and sew. Boo loves to help but more often than not gets a little tangled and sticky, they are both learning to use scissors.

Whatever the weather,
whatever the time, you will find then
curled up with a book in a cosy arm
chair in front of the fire
or on a swing beneath the oak tree.