'Frame It' Wall Stickers

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Have some fun creating your very own art gallery with these decorative frames and corners!

Printed onto award winning, durable, woven polyester fabric, our wall stickers can be stuck to virtually any surface at home and leave no sticky residue. These wall stickers are perfect for showcasing your little one’s favourite works of art as well as postcards, certificates or even photographs.

Applying your stickers couldn’t be easier. Check that the wall or surface you are going to apply them to is clean from dust and dirt and completely dry. Peel your frames or corners away from the backing sheet and place them on a flat surface sticky side up. Position your photo or drawing face down on the sticky side of the frame and lightly press into place. Be careful not to apply too much pressure as you may damage your picture if you need to reposition or remove it. Hold up the top two corners of your frame, hold it up against your wall until you are happy with the position and gently smooth the sticker downwards to secure in place.

Please note these stickers are not waterproof so please avoid wiping the sticker surface with a damp or wet cloth and do not position them where they may get wet.

There's no skill required to put it up and you can take it down, store it on the provided backing paper, re-decorate then use it again; making it perfect for your home and nursery. The stick is long lasting so you can use it again and again (for approximately 3-4 years).

Included in this pack are 7 fabric wall sticker frames (1 x A4, 3 x A5 and 3 x A6) and 24 corners.

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