Space Adventure Kids Floor Cushion Beanbag

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Bring to life your little ones room and enjoy this fabulous kids bean bag.

This kids bean filled floor cushion adorned with illustrations of space, rockets and spaceships will have your little ones imaginations running wild and bring some fun and comfort to their relaxation space. Perfect for bedrooms, playrooms or anywhere around the home your child likes to take time out.

Your Belle and Boo beanbag is made to order and beautifully handcrafted in Lancashire, allowing you to add an extra special touch to your bean bag by adding personalisation.

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Approx Dimensions (flat unfilled bag and will differ when filled): D85cm x H85cm

Approx Floor Space Required: L85cm x W85cm

Approx Capacity: 3 cu ft

*Sizes are approximates and may vary

Why not complete the Belle and Boo adventure by complementing your baby bean bag with matching accessories from our space adventure range?

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Space Adventure Kids Floor Cushion Beanbag

Space Adventure Kids Floor Cushion Beanbag

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