What's Your Boo Been Up To?

24/10/2016 13:54:46

It's been several weeks since our wonderful Boo plush arrived. We have really enjoyed having him here and sending him out to all of our lovely customers and we started to wonder - what's Boo been up to?

What adventures has Boo been on once he's arrived at your house and woken up from his cosy sleep? Has he hopped into a pocket and joined you on a shopping trip? Has he been on an adventure to the woods? We asked Boo's new owners to get in touch and show us what their Boo's had been up to and the responses were fantastic. It's been very exciting seeing what Boo has been doing over the past few weeks from Autumn walks to school runs and even sharing a spot of afternoon tea! 

Blog Photo Boo

So, it's official, we'd like to ask you what your Boo has been up to? We'd love to hear about Boo's adventures and you're welcome to share your Boo stories and photos with us. Use hashtag #mybestfriendboo for your chance to feature on our page and share with your family and friends.

So tell us, what's your Boo been up to?

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