Valentine's Day Around The World

10/02/2019 18:58:54

Valentine’s Day

Is just around the corner and, as Belle & Boo is loved across the globe,

we thought we would share with you our favourite 'Valentine's Traditions' far and wide.

Perhaps there are some traditions you could introduce to the family this year?

Or teach the little ones about these different places and their love for love.

Argentina's 'week of sweetness'

Argentinians don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th February like we do.

In fact, they don't even celebrate it in the same month!

Instead they have the gorgeously named

“The week of sweetness”

in July. A week of kisses, chocolates and sweets.

France's 'Valentine Village'

In France, a village called “ St Valentin” turns into a center of romance

between 12th and 14th February. There are beautiful gardens where you

can find trees decorated with hanging hearts and love notes.

Homes are decorated with love cards too and it is probably

one of the most beautiful Valentine’s Day traditions in the world.

Ghana's 'Day Of Chocolate'

Now here's one I'm sure we can all get on board with!

In Ghana, February 14th is celebrated as the “National Chocolate Day.”

Ghana is one of the biggest cocoa producing countries in the world (so it does have a reason!)

On Valetnine's Day there are performances, music events, and restaurants

have themed menus for the special day - fancy that, a chocolate menu!

Yes please :P

Spain's 'Marzipan Friends'

One for the little ones!

The day of love in Valencia is actually celebrated on the 9th October.

This is known as the feast of Saint Dionysus.

The festival is celebrated in most of the parts of Spain by making ‘macadora’,

a marzipan figurine. Traditionally, the figurines are made by men to gift to

their female companions. However we think they would be a fab Valentine's

activity for children to gift to their family and friends!

Bulgaria's 'Day Of Wine'

One for the parents!

Bulgaria celebrates Valentine’s Day in its own style on 14th February.

San Trifon Zartan is celebrated in Bulgaria, which means “day of winemakers”.

Young and old couples celebrate their love with a glass of wonderful local wine!

One I think some of us are more than happy to replicate this Valentine's Day :)

We hope this insight into 'the day of love' across the world,

where our fans, followers and customers from every corner of the globe live,

has given you some inspiration for new things you could try this Valentine's Day!

We also have some of our favourite activities listed here, including actvities

included in our 'Little Love' download, available from our website today...

Valentine's Day Activities for all the family

- Baking heart shaped biscuits & sweet treats

- Making your own Valentine's Day cards

- Writing 'reasons why I love you' to family and friends

- Make a Valentine's garland

- Create 'heart' art

- Write a mini love story

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