Ride The Rainbow

29/04/2020 19:45:59

#RideTheRainbow with Belle & Boo

Normality is changing every day, right across the globe.

But, even as we face Covid-19, people are coming together to spread hope,

happiness and kindness in whichever way they can - that includes Belle & Boo.

This has been seen no better than in children and families all over the

world lifting our spirits by sharing their rainbows in all shapes and sizes.

Take a look at this terraced house, painted by owner Rhiannon Lewis in Cardiff!

As a symbol of hope, happiness, light after dark and a reminder

that we are all in this together, the rainbow is a beautiful and important emblem.

Whether it be a binman visiting your doorstep, a post office worker delivering your mail

or a big thank you to an NHS or shop worker walking past your door –

rainbows are putting smiles on the faces of all our key-workers.

Belle & Boo are always together - on sunny days, rainy days and dreamy let’s-be-lazy days.

They are also always here for children and families across the globe at this challenging time.

If you’re having a rainy day today, then #RideTheRainbow with Belle & Boo.

Belle & Boo’s world is a world we love to share; where hugs make everything better

and bike rides beneath rainbows bring happiness and smiles.

So, take a moment and read a Belle & Boo book, have a Belle & Boo

inspired adventure or download some of our activities -

from paper dolls and learning numbers to free colouring in sheets.

We’ve also put up our own rainbow at Belle & Boo, with our beautiful new print -

‘Rainbow Ride’

And, until we can post out orders again, it is available for those who are able

and would like to print at home, to download and display today.

Click here to download.

We hope it delivers happiness, hope and smiles to your household x

We'd like to share some of our favourite rainbows we've spotted so far – enjoy!