Photo Journalling

06/08/2019 13:15:06

Wouldn’t we all love to keep a better track of our children's progress so that we can remember the little details of their days? They seem to grow up so quick, and their funny little one-liners and height changes by the week. Writing down all those little milestones about your child, and filling up your phone’s memory space with a million blurry pictures of them might just sound familiar. If you’re like us then you might realise the more photos that are all saved on your phone means less and less are actually displayed and seen around the house.

So here’s an idea for you (and those little people) to tackle this. Probably best for around 4-7 year olds, or even better if you have an older child to help out too!

- Cardstock/ thick cartridge paper
- Scissors
- Ribbon
- Hole punch
- Glue
- Beautiful photos
- Those art-gallery worthy drawings
- Stickers and sparkly things

Journals and diaries are not something you’d typically get your 4 year old to start doing justyet, but this is journaling with a twist-

1. Over this summer, for every little day trip and every ice-cream drop, take a pictureand see if by the end of the summer holidays you can collate a wonderful collection ofpictures, aiming for one a day. As you go through the summer, encourage your child to draw about their day..... Or literally anything if that’s too much to ask (we understand 4 year olds have busy schedules)

2. The trickiest bit- try your best to get these pictures printed (many you can do online from your phone and can be delivered straight to your door, A6 size) or even be brave and use the home printer

3. Find a scrapbook or sketchbook, or even make your own (instructions for this down below!)- for each double page, stick your day-trip photo on one side and your child’s drawing on the opposite

4. Add the final stickers and sparkly things on top (grown-ups can do this too, you never really grow out of these things). The Belle & Boo Sticker Set can help you out here!

5. Remember to write the date in the top corner- and that’s it. Of course adding a little detail about where you were, or if your child said something funny, is fantastic. Try writing it in a big, readable font and you can even use it as a reading tool if your children are at this stage. If your children are a little older, get them to fill this bit in whilst you have a cuppa and admire the finished product

Not only will this be a historic relic when your child re-discovers it when they’re a bit older, but it can be a beautiful memory book for them documenting their masterpieces and day trips over the summer. And hopefully will be a fun activity for you too. Even better, this doesn’t just have to be purely a summer project- doing this over the course of a year or just for every school holiday can be amazing and somewhat more meaningful that just the photos on your phone.

Making your own scrapbook:

This is great if you want it to be a certain size, without having to cut your photos down to fit.
1. Use thin cardstock to the size of the photos you want (remember to leave extra space however)
2. score off the margin using scissors (best around 1 inch) so the book will bend in all the right places
3. To bind all the pieces of card together, punch holes in the margin and get fancy with some ribbon. Alternatively use a strong stapler.
Ta-da! Your very own inexpensive and bespoke little scrapbook. I find these work best when the size of the pages are just big enough to frame the picture. Enjoy! Remember to share your photos with us on social media, tag us in!