National Hug Day

04/01/2019 10:56:34

Happy National Hug Day!

Belle began to draw.

“What are you drawing?” asked Boo.

"A hug,” said Belle.

“I can see it!” Boo Squeaked. “I can see the hug!”

“You can help to stick on the sparkles, Boo. Hugs need sparkles.”

Who doesn't love a great big bear hug?

They're wonderful to give and receive and as science has proven, can be undoubtedly beneficial to our health and happiness.

Hugs make you Happy!

When touched, we release the hormone oxytocin, which elevates feelings of attachment, connection, trust, and intimacy. 

Holding someone for a long hug also lifts serotonin levels which elevates your mood

and alleviates stress and symptoms of anxiety.

 Health Benefits

Hugging can actually improve our health. When we are touched our heart rate, blood pressure,

and levels of the harmful stress hormone cortisol are lowered. 

 There is evidence that adults who were frequently hugged and cuddled during early childhood display fewer stress symptoms than those who weren't.

People who perceive greater social support, such as receiving a warm embrace are less likely to catch a cold or other benign sickness.

When hugged our blood circulation increases and therefore helps relax and ease tension in our muscles.

According to family therapist, Virginia Satir, “we need four hugs a day for survival.

We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need twelve hugs a day for growth.”