Mum's The Word

19/05/2017 14:24:06

It’s no secret that being a mum can take its toll, and from time to time we can all do with recharging our batteries and finding a moment to ourselves.

For many of us we manage to juggle work and a home life and all that it entails. These days there are so many more things for our children to experience, places to go, people to see. We can often spend a great deal of our time ferrying our children from one place to another and whilst we manage to fit it all in, we have very little time for ‘me time’.

As a mother of two young twin boys, business owner and illustrator I am all too familiar with feeling a tad frazzled and yet wouldn’t change any of it for the world. So, this morning after an ‘interesting start to the day’ (Ellis and Sam wanted mummy and daddy to join them in a dance contest before school!) I sat down at my desk at Belle & Boo with my coffee, drew breath and declared to myself and all fellow mums out there that today and every day should be named ‘Mother’s Day’

Why? I asked myself, should treating yourself be about the one day in the year when we are told its ok to pamper yourself? My mum always said to me little and often is the route to happiness!

So, this morning, before I started work on the new book I am illustrating, I took a few moments to write myself a list of ways to embrace my new mindset. I also chatted to Kate and we spontaneously decided to share a little gift from Belle & Boo just for you with 25% off products that will hopefully make you smile.

My guide to preserving the mummy and finding some ‘Me Time’

1)      After school drop off and before work, take 5 mins to quietly enjoy every lasting sip of a coffee or cup of perfectly brewed tea.

2)      Treat yourself to a special lunch once a week.

3)      Attend a Yoga class – I love yoga and stretching really helps.

4)      Once a month, arrange to go to the cinema with a good friend. Make sure you eat lots of popcorn!

5)      Take a bubble bath with soft music, candles, and a glass of prosecco in a crystal flute.

6)      Take a nap. A real nap…flopping down on the couch doesn’t count! Get in bed, under the covers.

7)      Catch up on your reading. Phone a friend. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while.

8)      Get crafty. Try your hand at something new or do a craft you’ve been putting off forever.

9)      Get a pedicure! Treat your feet and your whole body will thank you!

10)   Take a bike ride. Take a few spins around the block or venture out farther.

11)   Try a new recipe. Choose something you like without trying to please picky eaters.

12)   Pick up some flowers. They’ll brighten your house and brighten your day!

13)   Do nothing. (Yes, it’s really okay…)