How to Create a School Summer Fete

27/06/2016 15:10:00

Belle & Boo’s Summer Fete is now on, inspired by our own happy memories of school fetes, there are stalls, games,treats and free printable activities you could even use on the craft table at your own school fete. 
Summer fetes are always such fun.  But we also know what goes into creating a memorable fete - it might sound easy but it’s actually a huge job. Not unlike running a small business, it requires time, great organisation, management , passion and patience. So here is our own little guide to setting up a fete.
Plan, plan, plan and delegate!  The first thing you need to do is make a plan and a time-line.  Then you need to find a team of people to help you. Then DELEGATE.  Whoever is in charge should be prepared to oversee and coordinate but make things easier and smoother by breaking the fete down into separate sections of responsibility.  You could to this by year groups.  i.e. one year group is responsible for games, one year group is responsible for crafts etc .
Be on the look out for individuals with certain talents and skills and think of ways they can be involved - ask if they could donate their time and skills even if it is for a few hours during the event (see ideas for entertainment).  
The Date: It’s a simple thing but this is crucial. Find a date which doesn’t clash with other local events or even cultural or religious calendar dates such as Ramadan so children don’t have to miss out.
A Theme helps to make things exciting and fresh.  It will also help generate ideas, marketing and to create a buzz.  Perhaps there is a year or term project the whole school has been involved with - such as learning about the planet, Roald Dahl, Outdoor learning, or the Olympics. Bringing in what children have been learning about in school means the teachers get more support from the PTA and vice versa and you work as team together.  
Budget: It’s very easy to get carried away with ideas but remember you need to keep your costs down in order to make money for your school. So think carefully about how you spend money and what is and isn’t necessary. 
Usually at school fetes the real money makers are food such as BBQ’s and cakes, sweets, beer and booze stalls (if adults are there).  As for activities - good old face painting or henna/mehndi stalls are always a winner and cheap to set up. A  lucky dip (made from a cardboard box with prizes worth 10p, 50p - £2.00 inside) is also an oldie but a goodie . Add in a fantastic raffle and tombola (approach local businesses for prizes), and a decent 2nd hand stalls (only worth it if you have good quality things donated for this).  
Entertainment can eat into the budgets.  If possible find ways to get as much free entertainment as possible.   It is lovely to have a wonderful band playing or a professional puppet show but this can cost a lot of money.  Look around and use what you have - maybe one of the parents is in a band.   Maybe there is a local group or club in the wider community who want to promote themselves and will perform or demonstrate their skills. For example,  if you are doing an Olympic theme - is there a child’s capoeira group near you, or a Zumba teacher, a sports group - judo, gymnastics etc; Or approach a local children’s orchestra or choir and ask them to perform music which fits in with your theme.  Some may ask for a donation but it will probably be small, in return you are giving them a platform to be seen.
Fun and games:  As well as the must have tombola, face painting and raffle there are tons of crafts and games you can make and do that are cheap to set up.  There are lots of ideas on pinterest but here are a few we like, some of which can be adapted to a theme. 
Welly-tossing competition- great for all ages.  Keep a league table for the results and the people who throw the furthest get a prize.  Entice people to take part by offering each child or adult a sweet. 
A goal competition - particularly good if you can get a teachers to take it in turns to be the goallies.  Create a league table to see who can get the most goals past the goalie in 5 minutes. 
A teacher or parent soak  - easy to see why this would be popular. 
DIY Photo booth - Simple to set up and get some props that fit with your fete’s theme.  Ask a parent or two with a decent camera and a tripod to take some snaps which can then be loaded up onto a free digital platform for parents to download.  
Prop making craft stall - this is a great way to link in with the DIY photo booth or these crafts can just be done on their own.  Ideas are endless but it could be DIY Brazilian carnival head dress, an animal mask from a paper plate, an animal ears, fairy wands.  
A Homemade Teacher thank you card - use craft supplies for decorations.  Again it can be themed or it an be kept open.
Ribbon Key Chains - cheap and easy.  All you need are a good selection of ribbons, some beads if you wish and a round silver key ring.  This is great for older kids, boys and girls.  It can also be themed using different colour ribbons - for example - the Olympic colours, a football teams colours etc
You can find lots of brilliant, practical advice on the PTA website and Netmums.  And visit Pinterest for craft and games ideas galore. 
We very much hope you have a wonderful School fete.

The Belle & Boo Team