Charity Christmas Cards

29/11/2016 09:56:35

Christmas is the season of giving and we have introduced our Charity Christmas Cards this year in support of The Bristol Children's Help Society; helping give back to underpriviledged children.

"Let's help" said Boo excitedly, "every child should get a chance to sing dance and play, especially outdoors, I love being outdoors."

Our cards are perfect for your little ones to give to family and friends this Christmas. This wonderful pack of 30 Charity Christmas cards contains 10 of each of our 3 designs.


The Bristol Children's Help Society supports young children from the most disadvantaged backgrounds and gives them an opportunity to extend their horizons beyond the deprivation in which many of them live.

Children come to the Society to learn to swim, enjoy sport, visit the seaside and many for the first time ever, learn about the pleasures of rural life and being in the countryside. With the help of the Bristol Children's Help Society, children see a different way of life, where learning can be fun and they can gain confidence in their own abilities and go home feeling better about themselves with psychological and emotional support.

Let's give back this Christmas to children who deserve the love and support of many this festive season.