Carry On Picnicking

22/06/2017 09:35:21

National Picnic Week is one of my favourites and, of course, one of Belle & Boo’s favourites too.

So, let’s start with some fab little ideas on how to create your perfect picnic; even after we say goodbye to picnic week

as any sunny day calls for a picnic! You’ve got all summer to pack a basket full of goodies, find a tree to sit under

and kick off your shoes with the little ones. So, next time you see a sunny sky why don’t you cancel the plans

to take the children around the supermarket and pack for a picnic instead?

Some handy tips for a perfect picnic

Keep it simple

No one likes a heavy basket! Try to keep all your picnic goodies easy to transport and not too heavy to carry.

Some picnic spots are isolated with a long walk to reach them so opt for paper or plastic plates and cutlery instead

of metal ones and carry your drinks separately.

Make it interesting!

Make your picnic food interesting and easy to eat – think finger food. Salad in boxes takes up so much room so instead

why not stuff pitta bread with goat’s cheese and handfuls of salad – two in one!

Steer clear of the bug attracting icky sticky

Keep your picnic bug and wasp free and those little hands (and your clothes) tidy and clean and try to avoid ice cream,

sticky puddings or cakes and gloopy deserts. Not only are they fragile to transport and create a sticky mess but

wasps and other insects love them too.

Sweet treats

There are lots of not-so-sticky, picnic friendly sweet treats to choose from. Traybakes or loafcakes are ideal!

Make sure you slice them up before packing though to save taking any sharp knives with you and to make sure there’s

more time for picnicking. Brownies, shortbread, cookies and even tiffin are perfect to wrap up and share out.

Thirst quenching drinks

Whether you want to take a family friendly, drink for all or a naughty alcoholic tipple just for adults

(and a separate soft drink for the little ones) there’s lots of delightful summer drink recipes out there.

Keep it fresh or fruity so you can stay refreshed whilst you sip in the sunshine. I’ve popped a gorgeous pink

lemonade recipe for all the family down on my favourites list below (and a cheeky G&T recipe for us adults, too).

Let’s Play!

Keep the family happy and active during a summer picnic with some fab, fun games. Here are some of my favourites.

A Nature Scavenger Hunt

Being out in nature is a glorious place to be, why not encourage discovery of all the wonderful things around you and

print out some nature hunt sheets for the little ones. These sheets have pictures of common outdoor objects like leaves,

feathers and pebbles and the hunters simply have to track down everything on their list! The first one to gather one of

everything and return is the winner!

Tesco offer some wonderful free downloads for this type of hunt or why not make your own?

A Game of ‘Boo says’ (a twist on ‘Simon says’)

Pick a player or parent to be Boo. Boo will then give the other little bunnies two commands.

The first being ‘Boo says’ followed by an action, and the second being the action without saying ‘Boo says’ first.

The bunnies must listen to whether ‘Boo says’ is used before a command, in which case they should follow the instruction.

If Boo just gives a command without using ‘Boo says’ first then the bunnies who follow the command will be out of that round.

The last bunny remaining is the winner!

Some ‘Boo says’ ideas

hop like a bunny

scrunch your nose

twitch your whiskers

wiggle your tails

dig a burrow

jump into your rabbit hole

nibble on a carrot


Sleeping Bunnies

Does everyone still have a little energy to burn off? Well, why not try a game of ‘Sleeping Bunnies’ as, contrary to it’s name,

there’s lots of movement in this game! You will need plenty of space for your little bunnies to have room to sleep

in their burrows and hop, skip and jump in their meadow!

How to Play

Ensure all the bunnies (children) are curled up asleep in their burrows, then sing this tune…

“See the little bunnies sleeping till it's nearly noon, shall we wake them with a merry tune, oh how still, are they ill, wake up soon…

Hop little bunnies, hop, hop, hop!

hop, hop, hop!

hop, hop, hop!

Hop little bunnies, hop, hop, hop!

Hop, hop, hop!”

All your little bunnies should get up to carry out the action sung! You can then usher them off to bed again and continue to

repeat the tune and replace 'hop' with 'jump' and then 'skip’...

Picnic Perfect Recipes

Pressed Picnic Sandwich

Let the kids join in! A great recipe for kids to assemble - fully load a ciabatta loaf with favourites like prosciutto,

artichokes, peppers, spinach and mozzarella. You'll need a ciabatta loaf, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and your favourite fillings –

why not mix up the original recipe and try something new!

Visit for the full, child friendly method and recipe.

Summer Potato Salad

You always need a potato salad… And this is one of the loveliest and easiest!

Summer Potato Salad Make the most of Jersey Royals in this fresh and crunchy side with buttermilk dressing, radishes and cress.

As well as these, you'll need mayonnaise, mustard, a little sugar and white vinegar.

Visit for the full recipe and method – yum!

Pink Lemonade

A zingy tipple for all the family

I love a homemade lemonade and this pink lemonade is not only a pretty, colourful beverage but so irresistable

that once it's out on that blanket - blink and you'll miss it. Refreshing, zingy and scrummy!

All you need are lemons, sugar, rasberries and ice – so easy.

 Visit for the full recipe and method.

Elderflower & Cucumber G&T

And one just for us adults... This delicate, refreshing take on the classic gin and tonic makes a perfect picnic tipple.

You'll need some cucumber, elderflower cordial, a bottle tonic water and, of course, gin!

Visit for the full method and recipe.

Sausage Rolls

Jamie does it right (or at least tells us how to do it right!) with this irresistable sausage roll recipe.

Not too many ingredients to juggle, grab an apple, leek, minced pork and an egg and mix with some

fresh thyme and a pinch of mustard seeds.

 Visit for the full recipe and method.

I hope you've enjoyed these picnic tips and happy picnicking!